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​Kim T.

Elite 2021

Tustin, CA


my FAVORITE place for churros in orange county! it is located near the staters bros on fairview and there is plenty of parking near by the truck. one bag of churros is $5 and it is so freaking worth it. fresh & cooked to perfection. there are other items there as well that look good. the only downside is that they aren't open everyday, but if you have a chance to go, you definitely should.

Julianna B.

Elite 2021

Los Angeles, CA


Found this place on Yelp quickly & left happy!

We pulled up to the parking lot of the stater brothers & parked in front of the truck. There was no line when we arrived but as soon as we ordered their was a group coming up. & it stayed consistent the whole time we were there.

We ordered:
Churros with lechera y guava
Fried platano with chocolate, lechera, and nuts
Horchata blended

The churros were soooo good! The guava really made them. They were soft and had such a great taste!

The platanos were ridiculous and my favorite part. I never thought abt making a platano into a dessert. It was soooo good!!!

The horchata frap actually tasted like real horchata. At first I didn't think it was sweet enough but after drinking more I realized it was bc it ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE HORCHATA!

Anyways this place was fireeee. I'm so glad we found it.

Sonia C.

Elite 2021

Irvine, CA


I found this spot when I was craving churros. Now I've had my fair share of churros. Best one's before this spot was in TJ.
We happened to be in Tustin, yelped churros and this spot was our first choice. Not so close to us but worth the drive.
Service was fast and friendly. Waiting no more than 10 minutes for out freshly made Churros with ice cream. They were bomb diggity!!!
Yes!! Yes!! We will be back

Mr T.

Westminster, CA


My reviews is purely on tastes. It's tastes good but I had better. That's the only thing I can say about this place. 4 stars is imo very good just not excellent.

Tatiana S.

Long Beach, CA


Excellent!  They offer some of the most delicious churros that I have ever had! They serve them fresh and hot. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Super light and everything that you would hope to have in a churro.  I highly recommend.  I would've taken a picture but we ate all of them! Definitely worth your time and drive If you have a craving for a churro.

Anna B.

Santa Ana, CA


Me and my boyfriend had just had our dinner and he was craving a dessert and wanted Churros so we looked it up on Yelp and found this little Churro truck and OMG these took me back in time when I use to go to Tijuana and buy a bag of freshly made churros ...These churros were freshly made to order so hot light and crispy just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar we had only bought one bag for $5 bucks and u get about 8 long pieces they were so good we went back and got another bag these were so delicious I live in Victorville so every time I go to Santa Ana u best believe I will be coming back to get my Churros amazing yummy

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Alireza N.

Los Angeles, CA


Awesome churro truck! You get a lot of churros for your dollar and they're all very airy and crispy two people could have easily shared a bag. Tons of toppings and dips but I kept it classic with the chocolate sauce and regular churros. I've actually been back four or five times since my first time here two months ago.

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